Commissioned works are truly unique pieces, customized to client specifications and intended for permanent display. Making stunning additions to home, office, and public settings. Most importantly it is "Teen Made" showcasing the talent and voice of Chicagos youth. At After School Matters we provide teens the opportunity to explore their passions and develop their talents through world-class after school and summer programs across Chicago. Creating work such as Paintings on Canvas, Mosaics, Graphic Design, Murals, Installations and so much more!
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Why Commission our teens?

Commissions allow you the client and our teens a valuable experience. Allowing High school teens to work with artisan instructors gaining knowledge, critical thinking and development, to perfecting their craft. Preparing teens by allowing them real world work experiences that can be utilized for future careers, college, and beyond. Our teens’ work brings true artistry, creativity, and a one-of-a-kind experience to every project – whether the piece is for your home, corporate office, or for a public setting like O’Hare International Airport or Millennium Park.
Proceeds directly support After School Matters programs, instructors, & our talented teens.

The Creative Process

 Your commission will provide teens with the experience of approaching a project as a real-world professional. We work with you to see which of our various programs will be the best fit for you and your overall vision. From there we work on delegating with that specified program, instructor and teens, as they work on concepts and drafting a rough sketch or outline. You will review and request changes that meets your needs. As teens take your input and apply changes for a final result in your finalized "Teen Made" commissioned artwork. 

Interested in making an investment in Chicago’s teens?

 Lets get started! Contact us to develop a commission suited for your business or home; install a consignment at your place of business; or visit or host an event in the After School Matters Gift Shop. Your support will help us to create world class opportunities for teens that will change their lives forever. 

Regina Marchese​

Commissions and Retail Manager​​